What we do

AI & ML based Scoring

We determine the credit-worthiness of each client, using behavioral scoring model.

  • Using predictive analytics, AI and ML
  • Adaptable to any data source on the market
  • Specially designed for low-volume, short-term, high-frequency loans
  • Applicable to various loan types
  • Returning results in less than 1 second

Micro-lending Technology

We deliver microlending solution which includes processing, disbursement, repayment, recovery and management of loans.

  • Fully digital loan management process
  • Highly customizable credit platform
  • Service monitoring and reporting portals
  • Integration with any external platform
  • 24/7 support and maintenance services

Big Data Engine

We use latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to maximize our value proposition.

  • Analyzing large complex datasets
  • Uncovering hidden patterns and market trends
  • Identifying new growth ideas and revenue opportunities
  • Facilitating monetization of our partners’ data
  • Catering for the needs of vast underserved client segments