Simbrella has 18-year experience on mobile VAS market. We are the first company in the world to launch airtime advance services.

Simbrella constantly expands the boundaries by attracting new operators. With our unique SimKredit™ platform launched in 2005, up to now we have been cooperating with 20 operators in 14 countries worldwide.


Our team Careers

Simbrella is a global provider of innovative and flexible mobile technology solutions allowing mobile network operators and other mobile-driven businesses increase revenues and enhance opportunities with their customer base. With our core team of over 60 highly dedicated people each and every day we strive for excellence in quality and performance of our products.

Simbrella Group has offices and branches operating in 18 countries in Europe, Africa and Latin America.

Our history

  • 2005SimKredit commercial launch
  • 2007Simbrella office established in Azerbaijan
  • 2008Simbrella opened Headquarters in the Netherlands; Sales office opened in Hungary
  • 2009Sales office opened in Ukraine; Simbrella Group incorporated subsidiary in Russia
  • 2010SimKredit trademark registered; Simbrella Group incorporated a company in Ghana
  • 2011New operational office created in Uzbekistan
  • 2012Simbrella Group incorporated subsidiary in Bolivia
  • 2013Simbrella Group incorporated subsidiaries in Nigeria and Switzerland
Company today
Strong and recognized leader on mobile microfinance market, Simbrella is proud of providing services to the customer base of over 80,000,000 people. Based on unique experience our company collaborates with its clients to help them increase their revenues as well as improve customer satisfaction. We continue expanding technological and territorial boundaries!


SimKredit™ Micro-Advance Platform

Your success ingredients are:

  • SimKredit™ business model considers zero investments and zero financial risk for the Client.
  • All investments and Bad Debt are fully covered by Simbrella.
  • SimKredit™ solution supports integration with billing systems from all vendors with minimal implementation time.
  • More than 150 Million unique end-users
  • More than 60% service penetration
  • 1.2 Million users per day
  • 350M USD total turnover per year
Airtime Advance
M-Commerce Kredit
Utility Advance
Airtime Advance
It is a service providing certain amount of airtime to be used by subscribers of mobile network operator for voice and additional services available in the network; with reimbursement at the moment of next balance top-up. 'Advance Airtime' allows all customers of mobile network operator to obtain airtime by sending a conditional request via corresponding transmission channels such as SMS/USSD/IVR etc.
ContentKredit service provides Mobile Network Operator subscribers a possibility to obtain any kind of mobile content without having enough balance on account to pay a full price, and repay the content price at the moment of next balance top-up.
DataKredit service allows subscribers of Mobile Network Operator or Internet Provider to obtain mobile internet/data package in advance with further repayment fully or by parts at the moment of next balance top-up/recharge.
BundleKredit service allows subscribers of Mobile Network Operator to obtain any kind of advance bundles – voice minutes, SMS, Megabytes or customized bundles – with reimbursement fully or by parts at the moment of next balance top-up.
PhoneKredit service provides Mobile Network Operator with technical infrastructure making possible to sell mobile handsets to subscribers using deferred payments method. Simbrella platform empowered by built-in CRM system enables MNO to ensure timely payments collection via monitoring and user communication.
M-Commerce Kredit
M-Commerce Kredit service allows subscribers of Mobile Network Operators to use mobile commerce services or mobile wallet even with zero balance, again based on further repayment from next balance top-up.
Utility Advance
Utility Advance service allows users to get certain advances on electricity, gas, water or any other kind of utilities in case of emergency, using deferred payments.

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